From Desktop to Stovetop

This summer marked a huge shift in my life. I have shared bits and pieces through social media and for my fans and followers you've been a part of this transition. I wanted to share with everyone the changes that have happened recently and why I am celebrating my favourite season, fall, bigger than ever.

After some treatment for my neurological complications from my car accident, it became obvious that returning to a job that requires me to sit in front of a computer almost exclusively, was an unrealistic goal.  It was apparent that the goal of this caused me great anxiety as I simply couldn't imagine being able to do the basic parts of my job, let alone the more complex aspects of human resources management. I decided that it was best for me to resign from my job, and let go of the notion that I could or would return to that work.

I was cleared by my doctor to do a trial period of work, and she recommended I return to the kitchen as it was physically more flexible for me. So I made a huge leap and signed up to be a vendor at our local farmer's market and enlisted friends and family to help me out. I work very limited hours and only have a few truly productive hours a day, if I'm lucky. It is somewhat torturous for an ex type A, hyper multitasker to do less. My desire to be productive is quickly met with mental exhaustion that forces me to plan to do very little.

Returning to the kitchen, and in particular Kimberley's Kitchen, has been an amazing experience this summer as I continue with my recovery. I've met wonderful people and found purpose, again, in being creative. I still have pretty profound memory loss, confusion, and mental lapses but I'm better able to laugh about it. I watch myself and see a different person now. In some ways this is tough because I see myself struggling to find words or remember names. In other ways I'm proud that I found the strength to take risks and put my health first.

Thanks again for your support and for joining me on this journey. See what's new at Kimberley's Kitchen or come by the farmer's market and say hi!

Cheers- Kimberley

I'm still here

It has been a while. How are you? I'm missing you. All of you.

I'm still here. Quietly waiting. Anxiously anticipating publishing this post. I think it's time I catch you up.

I'm still (!) recovering from my car accident. If someone had told me I would be here I would not have believed them. I know that so many of you can relate. After months of tests and appointments I had conclusive diagnoses. Then more testing, more waiting for specialists. Time heals. Or does it?

Time has taken it's toll on me for sure. Had I received immediate treatment my injuries would likely not be as serious as they are now. You don't know what you don't know. But I've learned so much and in the past few months have managed to make incremental progress. This is good.

I have always been hopeful, grateful, and certain that recovery was my path. I didn't know that it would bring me here. Or that I would bring me here.

When we moved to the country, much of our motivation was to live a simpler, slower life. We wanted to grow some food, know our neighbours, enjoy nature. Little did I know that I would be catapulted into living simpler out of necessity. Because it's all I can manage in a day.

Speaking of days, what day is it? My task this week from my neurologist is to remember the day of the week for the whole day. I have strategies and techniques. Tricks and tips. But mostly, I am slowly, so slowly, learning to remember in a new way. How my memory functioned before is lost to me for now, so I need to use my brain differently. Easier said than done.

I am a different person now. But I would like to think that in many ways I am so much better. I'm more patient with my children. I laugh at myself much more. I care much less about what people think of me. I'm shedding the need to accumulate stuff and learning to live with less. I don't take communication for granted. I savour more of each day. I'm less confined by technology (I just can't use it that much anymore) and more aware of nature and simple things.

Being forced to slow down has dramatically changed my life. And mostly for the best. But we are still on this journey. Health and healing are constant aspirations.

And so this blog will now evolve. I haven't been able to fully grasp what I should do here. But in the last few days it all became very clear to me. I have so much to share with you. Recipes, stories, and my passion for food and family.

Won't you join me?

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