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How often have you vowed to eat healthier? 

How often have you rewarded or punished yourself with food?

I think most of us have the self-awareness to realize we do this and we want to make changes. We want to eat better. But where do we start?

I actually think that the first place to start is to change how we think about food and its purpose in our lives. The connection of food to self- image has somehow turned us on ourselves and created this inner battle. 

Have you seen the video that's gone viral about beauty? It's pretty amazing and got me thinking about how often we criticize ourselves and then punish ourselves with food or by withholding food. And how often others connect our beauty to the food we eat.

In talking to my toddlers about food, I often use science to make food fun. We talk about the vitamins and elements in food and what that does in our bodies. We talk about where the food comes from and how it was produced. We talk about what we love about food and love about cooking and baking. I believe these kinds of discussions create a foundation for a healthy relationship to food. We are treating it with reverence and respect but we are also building the connection about the science of food and our bodies. We don't talk about dieting, carbs, reducing anything. When there is something that we want them to learn to enjoy in moderation, we say just that. "Too much of anything will make you sick."

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When we order the non-fat latte or feel guilty for enjoying the cinnamon bun, some of us are making the direct connection of the food we eat and our self-image. But do we need to? Could we enjoy food on an emotional level that is nurturing, comforting, uplifting, refreshing, and satisfying? Is it possible to love eating food, love how we look, and let go of any guilt or shame we feel when we indulge in potato chips or chocolate cake? 

I believe its possible. And I am declaring that this is my mission this year. As I embark on my year of turning 40, I have set fitness goals for myself. But I think that I need to take one step back and start with how I think about food and my body. I will start today with one easy choice: I love my morning coffee. I know that coffee has health benefits. But I put sugar in my coffee. So every time I put it in I feel a twinge of "I would be a better, thinner person if I didn't put sugar in my coffee every morning." But would I enjoy my coffee? No. So let it go, Kimberley. Is this how I want to start my day? Feeling guilty about my favorite beverage? I don't think so. 

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As I start to discover other easy healthy choices that we can make to improve our relationship with food and ourselves I will share them here. And I know that you have lots of ideas too so please share in the comments for others to see.

I think that as individuals, when we are kind to ourselves, we make the biggest difference in the world. Let's enjoy our food and believe we are beautiful. Because we are all beautiful. 


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