Farmer's Market Goods

Photos by Kimberley
The Bulkley Valley Farmer's Market is our favorite Saturday destination in the summer. Today, we brought home a basket full of goodies and here's a little bit about all the local food we enjoy~
The loaf of bread is from this lovely lady, Anne Martens, who bakes amazing breads and muffins. It makes for a perfect slice of toast.
The rhubard and strawberries only make 1 or 2 appearances at the market so we have to buy lots while we can. These will become a pie, jam, and some for the freezer.
The gorgeous beets are from Lauristan Farms- an organic farm that produces amazing greens, among other things. The kale is from here and I think we will make kale chips for the kids' lunches this week. They also supply my favorite local restaurant Two Sisters.

The sweet buns are from Rustica. Meg is a talented baker with a real wood oven. Her breads and baked goods are available around town and in several cafes and these sweet buns are a perfect treat for my Sunday tea.

I had my eye on this flour and decided to bring it home. Wood Grain farm and mill is in the Kispiox Valley- there they grow beautiful wheat and mill it on a stone mill. It is quite possibly the most beautiful flour I have ever tasted. And it will be the base for my graham crackers- organic, stone-milled, local. And affordable. I am so happy to hand my cash over to the kind man who grows this himself. A truly amazing experience to buy from a farmer who has a true passion for what he does.

So that's our take from the market today and I can't wait to show you some of the results. Do you have a farmer's market in your town? Do you support the locals that are growing and producing food? It is well worth it.


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