The journey has begun~

My reason for being is captured here in these two photos from our summer vacation. The top photo is of my 4 year old daughter and the next photo is my 2 year old daughter. They are pure joy.

When I first became pregnant, I tuned into food in a way that I hadn't before. Years earlier, after reading Dr. Andrew Weil, I had started my food journey. But there wasn't a need to be aware of my food. Until I became pregnant. My first motherhood instincts kicked in and I was all about how I was nourishing my baby. This went on beyond the womb, of course, as I breastfed and then introduced food to my first born. We have been on this food journey ever since.

When I started my small business two years ago, it was actually in response to the very real need for more food companies to make something that I would actually feed my children. While we eat quite healthy and avoid many things, I didn't want to live without "treats". I love sweet treats and baking and thought that there are probably others out there that would love to enjoy candy without all the processed yuck and artificial flavors and colors. So it may seem odd that I operate a candy company AND advocate whole, organic foods. In fact, they tie in very nicely. And allow me to use my family as an example that good quality food and treats in moderation are worth the effort.

I launched my first blog Confessions of a Confectionista to allow my customers and fans a sneak peak at launching a small business while balancing motherhood. But more and more, my fans wanted to learn more about the food we eat and cook and bake. I kept trying to find time to bring recipes and tips to all of you who have asked for them, but the platform didn't fit.

This is when I came up with the idea for (another!) food blog. First of all, there are a LOT of food blogs out there and most of them don't interest or inspire me. I rarely come across a blog that I love to read and actually try the recipes. So I didn't want to just be another food blog.

I also had many friends that wanted to contribute to my idea by publishing tips and experiences on feeding children. I thought it would be great to create a collaboration. The idea started spinning off and now that idea has been somewhat shelved only because in the meantime, my business has grown so much, that I don't have the time to be an editor. I also came up with (what I think is) an even better idea for something I would like to launch in the future. So the collaboration may take on a new form sometime soon.

And so here we are- my NEW blog that is my personal journey with food as a foodie/food lover/mother. This is about how I feed my kids. I am not telling you how to feed yours. But I am sharing the successes and failures I experience as I try to raise good eaters. My only call to action will be my occasional reminder to Vote with your Fork (as I have been saying for years) and that's where I get a wee bit political and opinionated. So if you don't like those posts, just don't read them. The rest will be filled with snapshots from the kitchen, food inspiration, maybe the occasional recipe that is worth sharing, and my thoughts on life with food.

Join me. And please please feel free to comment.


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